Build & Drive Grand Prix

The world of Formula One is without doubt one of the best examples of teamwork. Teamwork that competing teams need to firstly build their prototypes and then race them. Everything is provided: pit stops, materials, tools, the circuit, pit lanes, race marshals… Your team has to be the fastest to get the pole position before the grand prix final. 3,2,1 and you’re off!


· Design, signposting and marking of the circuit.
· Pit stops and their marquees.
· Plans, components and tools for the construction of prototypes.
· Presentation and management of the activity by a Master of Ceremonies.
· Supervisors-inspectors for the and construction and racing of the vehicles.
· Sound system (PA) supervised by a technician.
· Driver’s clothing and protective gear (helmets, gloves…).
· ID stickers and certificates for all participants.
· Diplomas for the winning team.
· Management and coordination.